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The Magnactive – Investments Solution S.A.. (Hereafter, Magnactive) is the rightful owner of the BUMBO official website and whose domain can be found at [BUMBO website].

This Privacy Policy describes who we are, for what purposes we use the data of the holders, how we treat and store them, with whom we share them, how long we keep them, as well as how to contact us and exercise their rights.


Your Personal details will be treated by Magnactive based in Quinta Bela Vista, Lote 7-B, R/C, 2660-009 Frielas-Portugal, with registered capital of € 5 .000,00 euros, NIF / VAT number 513374302, registered at the Lisbon Commercial Register.

Magnactive is responsible for the processing of personal data it collects, treats and stores, in the sense that such and expressions are defined by General Data Protection Regulation (or “GDPR”).


Magnactive to feathers is personal data where, first, it is necessary to comply with legal obligations that apply to you, or such processing operation is necessary for performance of a contract or pre-contractual representations associated with it.

Magnactive will also process information if you have a legitimate interest to do so, provided that in each case, this interest is in accordance with applicable law and the rights of the data subject. Such may occur, for example, for communication with their customers or provision of informationon developed activities and services offered by Magnactive.

When none of the other conditions of permissibility are able to support the data processing operation, Magnactive only treat you the information you have obtained the consent of the data subject to treat their personal data for specific purposes, explicit and legitimate.


Magnactive sharing data with third parties, in legal terms, to under the duty of cooperation, including among others , the Tax Authority and Customs , Social Security, the Food Safety and Economic Authority and the General Directorate of Consumer .

Magnactive can also transfer data to providers of services that operate exclusively under orientate or its support, including its subsidiaries or affiliates, and respect the technical and organizational measures equivalent efore those that are required.


Magnactive to feathers retains the personal data for the period necessary for the observance of the purposes for which they were collected. The retention times of most personal treat data for Magnactive result of the law or of contracts celebrating with customers, suppliers and partners. Only exceptionally the Magnactive collects and processes data based on its legitimate interest or the consent of the owner.


Magnactive implement to and ensures the maintenance of adequate safeguards, so that its internal procedures for the security of personal data is in accordance with the regulations. Magnactive develops, still , every effort to ensure that contractually the third parties with whom we collaborate , as partners or providers services, guarantee adequate protection of personal data to which they have access. Magnactive limits access to personal information to specific employees, and only when their contact with such personal data is justified in the context of their duties.

Magnactive´s takes the necessary measures to ensure the safe treatment of personal data. In particular, it takes precautionary measures to protect personal data from loss or abuse, and uses security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to such personal data.


At any time, the data subject may:

Request access to information – the data subject has the right to obtain confirmation that the data concerning him / her is or is not processed and, where appropriate, to access his / her personal data and access to the information. provided for by law.

Request the correction of information if it is inaccurate or incomplete – the holder of personal data has the right to Magnactive, without undue delay, rectify the inaccurate or incomplete data concerning him.

Request the deletion of their personal data – the holder of personal data has the right to request Magnactive deletion of their data, without undue delay, and it is obliged to delete personal data without undue delay, when applicable, namely, one of the following reasons:
. Personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose that motivated its collection or processing;
. It opposes treatment and there are no prevailing legitimate interests justifying treatment; or
. You have withdrawn your consent for data processing (where treatment is based on consent) and there is no other basis for data processing.

Request limiting the processing of personal data – the holder of personal data has the right to request Magnactive limiting the processing of their data if it applies, inter alia, of the following situations:
. Contest the accuracy of personal data for a period to allow the parallel verify its accuracy;
. Data processing is lawful and the data subject opposes the deletion of personal data and requests, in return, to limit its use;
. Magnactive no longer need the personal data for purposes of treatment, but this data is required by the holder for the purpose of establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims;
. If you have opposed processing, until the legitimate reasons of the controller prevail over those of the data subject.

Oppose the processing of their personal data – the data subject can oppose the processing of their personal data in cases where data processing is carried out for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued pel Magnactive. In this situation, Magnactive can demonstrate the existence of legitimate reasons to prevail on the legitimate interests of the data subject.

Data subjects may at any time exercise their rights at or by mail to Quinta Bela Vista, Lote 7-B, R/C, 2660- 009, Frielas-Portugal.

You can finally choose to contact the Control Authority, a function that in Portugal is performed by the National Data Protection Commission, sending your message to


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